Wednesday, 8 August 2007

how I feel...

This is a bit how I feel at the moment... I'm so zonked out thinking about writing, web design and promo, and so completely incapable of doing any of them, due to the aforesaid zonkedoutness... that I was reduced to scrubbing out the shower and mopping the kitchen floor this morning because my brain just couldn't cope with any higher functions.

And now, of course, I feel physically knackered too. It doesn't take much housework to **** me up... All I really want to do is to sit around reading LOVER REVEALED by J R Ward all day, but I have this freaking demon inside me that howls all the time saying I must be doing this, or I must be doing that... and it torments me so much it makes me crazy and I can't do anything at all!

I am so messed up at the moment...


Sabrina Luna said...

Take a deep breath and chill, Wendy. Everything's okay. Treat yourself to some chocolate & a good book or movie --it works for me. ;)

Congrats on Suite 17's release! :)
S )O(

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Wendy. I second Sabrina. Relax with some of those cakes you always tease us with, or something pretty from Hotel Chocolat.
And tell yourself "I ROCK" at regular intervals. :)