Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mus Musculus.... again!!!

So here I am, minding my own business and just doing my normal morning rounds of my favourite blogs and boards... when out of the corner of my eye, I catch sight of movement. At first, subconsciously, I think 'cat' as something trots along the top of the chest of drawers just a yard or two from my bed... then I think, '****! It's ****ing mouse!'

And there it is, large as life, a fairly big house mouse strolling around on the furniture, in my bedroom! Not cowering in the corner, but ambling about, taking the air and admiring the scenery, and leaping from item of furniture to item of furniture... with just a jump of around two feet to the bed I'm lying on!!!! I'm stunned to immobility, but when I do move, he clocks me, scoots along the the chest of drawers and drops down onto the floor, only to take cover amongst a heap of himself's trainers! Shit... out of reach now... no way to catch him.

I investigate, and find him actually in the gap between two chests of drawers, and amazingly, he comes sashaying out into plain sight as if there wasn't a massive human looming over him at all [and a freaking cat FAST ASLEEP on the bed just feet away!] We play 'cat' and mouse for a bit, and he tootles off out of the bedroom and into the hall... I think I've lost him, and we're in big trouble, but luckily, I spot him again, and he's just close enough to the loo for me to herd him into the smallest room and corral us in there together...

He's still bold as brass, and doesn't hide all that much, as well as showing disturbing tendencies towards leaping into the air and trying to climb up inside my trouser leg... But fortunately, after several minutes of tacticals, I'm able to envelop him in the tee shirt I'd brought in with me, and race outside to set him free in the long grass... phew!

That's clearly the most exciting thing that's going to happen to me all day... but I just wonder which furry buffoon of a cat brought him in, then couldn't be bothered with him any more and let him go.

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val said...

With me it's usually frogs - and the other day a pigeon!

As well as being bold, I bet he was cute.

Gina Marina said...

This is too funny! I once heard a strange squeak from under the dining table and found my cat playing with a mouse. Thinking to save the thing, I grabbed his tail and put him out the window - not seeing the large dog that was only too happy to get a treat ~shudder~