Wednesday, 18 July 2007

me and the book wot I am reading

Taken with the help of the gadget below... and help, I'm nearly as shiny as the glossy book cover!

So who's read/reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood? What do you think? I'm really enjoying Dark Lover!

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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. Now I get it when everyone talks about losing posts, because I just wrote a fairly uninspired one and it went buh bye.

There are so many who can wax far more eloquent than I about the Black Dagger Brotherhood. But the things I love about it are the Brothers and the fact that JR WArd's novels are hero-driven w/out shame. The language is rough and the sex can be, too. It's realism w/in a para setting.

As a writer-person, my jaw drops when I read her -- especially as the series moves forward. It's as if her editor says, "oh. You wanna push the mass market envelope beyond the comfort zone? Okey dokes. Why don't you just prod the thing to breaking point while you're at it?"

And we all love Ward and her editor for it. Btw, my favorite BDB still is Z (Zsadist). You 've got a couple to go to get to his story, Portia. :)

Rach said...

Portia, I'm so stoked you are into the BDB! Just wait until you get to the rest of them! I'm like Michelle, I like Z's story the best.

How nice it must be to be able to turn off the writer and just be a reader. I've often wondered how writer's are as readers...:o)

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Michelle

Sorry about the posting confusion... I had one or two unpleasant spammy ones, so now I moderate.

Yes, that's one of the big things I'm liking about Dark Lover, the fact that it's hero driven. I find I'm really drawn to that. And now I'm writing in third person again, after a stint in first, I'm enjoying doing a lot of hero POV myself. I think I mostly read a romance or an erotic romance *for* the hero.

And yes, yes, yes, to the realism within a paranormal setting. I'm going for that in my WIP... and people have said Gothic Blue has that. I like to be down to earth and out of this world both at the same time! LOL

And I'm dying to see how she pushes the limits as the stories progress...

Yeah, Rach, once you start writing, it changes forever the way you read. When you've seen the other side of the process, you can't stop being analytical. I'm fine when the book is good. Even when I can see some flaws, if it's rattling good pageturner, I can still mostly suspend the author in me and just enjoy!

Unknown said...

how cosmically appropriate that I am re-reading the same book as you!
I love this series, Zsadist is my favorite too cos I'm kinky like that

Sabrina Luna said...

Argh --I have the JR Ward books in my TBR pile and it's a mile high! Well, not quite a mile, but you get the picture. ;)

Happy Reading, Wendy!
S )O(