Saturday, 23 June 2007

bits and bobs...

Still lacking in focus and feeling a tad tired... I have a zillion jobs to do, and not a lot of enthusiasm for some of them. At the same time, I'm finding myself drawn, as usual, to pastimes that don't contribute, a lot, to my writing... there're sort of peripherally connected, but basically they're time wasting... One of which is cover futzing... both making new faux ones, and now, experimenting with Flash effects. I can't afford to purchase the full Flash program, but have indulged myself in a sort of Flash Lite, called Swish... Here's my first effort... it's a bit slipshod, but not too bad, seeing as it's a download and there's no actual manual...


Having said all that though, I have managed about 500 words today of Gothic Heat... I haven't moved the plot forward exactly, but I did add in a few bits that hopefully make it a tad more cohesive. Hopefully...

Telly: old movies
Choc/Yummy: delicious pressie
Mood: vague
Writing: Gothic Heat
Reading: Gothic Blue
RSI/FMS: very achey and tired

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Lucy Felthouse said...

Hey you... I can't wait for Gothic Heat to come out, given the fact I'm currently deeply enthralled by its predecessor! So now I can blame you for the fact I'm doing no writing myself ;) Hehe. Seriously, though, I'm loving it so far.. very horny! Can't wait to see what happens!

val said...

Wow, they must have been racy - all I've got is red crosses, except for THE Detective, who's the hottest property of all.

BTW, finished Suite Seventeen last weekend, but keep rereading bits. (Guess which bits...)

vpdzoo said...

I cant see any of the covers what gives?

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh dear, the flash obviously doesn't work for everybody!

Val, can you see the detective cover but not the other one?

VPDzoo... there should be a vinpic fading into the official cover of the book, can't you see either?

So much for my Flash experiment... back to the drawing board, eh... :(

vpdzoo said...

What ever you did worked! I must admit I still like the Detective the best but I can see the other now too:)