Monday, 21 May 2007

too much, already... sometimes

You know sometimes I just think I should not turn on the computer... and write by hand or something for a while. This stupid laptop obsesses my life, honestly. Time after time I wake up dreaming about something to do with computing or the online world, or something. Mostly online stuff... I see to live most of my life via the WWW... and surely that's not healthy.

Woke up this morning from a dream about Ning, which to those who haven't encountered it, is a social networking site. A bit like MySpace, but not quite as tacky somehow... It's more complicated though, which is probably why I was dreaming about it!

I also dream and obsess about online dramas of various kinds... and I shouldn't because that's all they are, dramas... mostly over nothing. I know writing involves imaginary worlds, and interacting via the internet a lot nowadays. But really, the actual world around me, away from the computer, is *real life* not all this tarradiddle on the net!

Anyway, back in the bizarre and importance-inflated world of writing... Had a good day yesterday on Gothic Heat. The prologue idea was a v. good one, and I ended up writing a princely 2K words! Brilliant for me... What's more, I unconsciously wrote a scene that ties in nicely with something that happens later, and prefigures it in a spooky sort of way... Which is quite clever for a dolt like me! And means I have a way to enhance the later bit when I rewrite it... as I most definitely will have to!

I've also decided to start listening to more music, instead of always turning on the telly. I'd forgotten how inspirational music can be for writing... At the moment classic THE CURE from the Eighties is helping to enhance the strange mood I need for Gothic Heat. And in pursuit of this music angle, I've decided that for my birthday [3oth May...] I'm going to ask himself to buy me an iPod... I must be the last person on the planet without one, I guess, so it's about time I joined in the digital music fun.

Mind you, isn't downloading tunes just another thing I'm going to spend time doing online when I should actually be writing? Goddam... I'll never escape!!!!

Telly: CSI:NY... does anyone else fancy Sid the pathologist?

Choc/Yummy: Cadbury's Turkish Delight bar
Mood: good
Writing: will be working on GH
Reading: AGW
RSI/FMS: not too bad...

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Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I don't have an iPod either. Or an MP3. In fact, I couldn't even say for sure just what exactly they do!
Got a Nintendo Wii though...

Sabrina Luna said...

No Ipod here either, Wendy. But I do have a cassette/CD player hooked up in my office & listen while writing.

I have a TV & DVD player to watch disks, but no cable for regular shows. Yeah, it's a bit odd. ;)

My computer's older, but I love her. One of these days, perhaps, an upgraded model --until then, she's a treasure. :)

S )O(

Saskia Walker said...

Me, neither :)

Portia Da Costa said...

Well, I don't feel quite so left out now... that's four of us without iPods! LOL