Tuesday, 22 May 2007

docking manouvers

Yeah, we have capture!

I've successfully managed to hard dock my 'prologue' with the beginning of Gothic Heat... in fact it's no longer a prologue but simply chapter one now. I'm currently working my way through what were chapters one and two, but are now chapters two and three, and integrating them with 'stuff' that happened in the opening dream sequence... and clumsy and kacky as that sounds, it's actually working quite well, and I'm liking what I'm reading and writing... I hate to say it, but I think I've managed to dock with my characters now too, and they're becoming more alive to me. Which is a relief! Gothic Heat was starting to feel like a real SBFH... but now it's showing signs of becoming more manageable and enjoyable to write.

Rafe is definitely a non standard hero. He's pushing forty, he's a bit of a misfit, and he's got a dodgy past and a slightly sleazy present... and he has some huge issues to deal with, that he's sort of been avoiding by being a little bit of a shag monster, to be honest. But now he's met Paula and things are changing fast. He's still got to battle with various temptations, and that's going to cause some grief and nonsense along the way, but seeing as I'm a firm believer in the good in a guy winning out in the end, he'll come to the light and be a hero when the time is right.

nb. SBFH = sh*t book from hell

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