Thursday, 26 April 2007


Am feeling marginally less croney today, although still malevolently inclined towards certain issues and people... But that's perfectly normal for me! :)

The big news is that I've finally made a start on Gothic Heat! Just a modest 500 words, but at least the thing is under way. It's like any book, any project... I'm scared of it. I'm always scared that this time, I just won't be able to do it. That I've run out of mojo or whatever, and have written everything I'm capable of writing... But then, I have this with every single book, and I've had it since I wrote Return to the Pleasure Zoneback in 1992! I fear that every book is the last I'll be able to manage... but I've kept on managing.

Gothic Heat may be a tricky one though, as there are a few different things going on, and I've a feeling that for me, it's going to be unusually story orientated, rather than just the usual plotless wonder of a few sex scenes slung together and casually linked by a bit of characterisation and 'lurrrve'... There's got to be some magic stuff and paranormal stuff, and that's scary because it means so much more work... and me being the most rampantly bone idle writer on the face of the earth, it's a tough call when I have to work these plotty things out. Eek! And agh!

When I started thinking about the idea for this, the heroine, Paula, was foremost in my mind... but now, it seems to be all about Rafe, the hero/anti-hero... I seem to want to focus on him, and be in his mind. He interests me more than Paula... For this reason, I'm choosing to do this book in third person. I did a couple of novels [Entertaining Mr Stone and Suite Seventeen] in first, and I've often written shorts in first, but even though it's fun, I'm not permanently switching to that voice because I do enjoy the freedom of third, in terms of getting in the heads of more characters. So I think that for a book with a proper story, I need third... I'll miss the intimacy and momentum of first, but I'm hoping I'll still get those qualities if I do my third right!

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