Saturday, 31 March 2007

running about, waving my arms

Because I've got too much on my 'to do' list... and I slept in! It's after noon, and I'm actually only just finishing my breakfast... *and* I have to do my static cycling before I start on any jobs from my list! Woe is me!

Luckily, I'm feeling reasonably perky and as energetic as it's ever possible for me to be. Things are fairly positive on the writing front just now, although it's never wise to take the good stuff for granted in this business, as someone can always tip that veritable cartfull of manure on your head at any moment, with no warning. [and no, I don't have a piccie of manure!]

So, will keep this supershort, and maybe come back later...

Telly: nothing yet
Chocolate: breakfast cereal
Mood: goodish
Writing: not yet
Reading: my long to do list
RSI/FMS: fairly achey

Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!


Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I am acquainted with the manure, unfortunately.
And don't worry about the sleeping thing, my time for waking up these days is somewhere in the afternoon after falling asleep at about 8a.m..
Bought an Eddie Izzard box set today, I need to laugh

Portia Da Costa said...

Hey, Maria, you're nocturnal! :)

Which Eddie set did you get? I've got 'Definite Article', 'Circle' and 'Unrepeatable'... but only on VHS. No nice extras or anything...

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I got a box set which includes Unrepeatable, Circle, Glorius, Definite Article, Dress to Kill and Sexie, and it was only 17.99 in Euro in HMV, that's probably 12 or 13 pounds. Bargain!

Portia Da Costa said...

Gosh, that's fabulous value, Maria! I'm very tempted to get that set... and give my VHS copies to charity. I bought them at a charity shop in the first place! :)