Saturday, 17 March 2007

recharging one's batteries

It's Saturday, and Tilly has just dropped in to recharge his batteries... LOL

No, that's not a power cable attached to his bottom, just the cable to the laptop adaptor, which is perched on the end of the desk. The Tillster saw a space - where my laptop sits when it's not actually on my lap - and parked himself there for a kip.

I've been busy this last two or three days with rewriting and editing Buds... the fantastic feedback my critique partner supplied has really energised my approach to this novella, and I'm seeing lots and lots of ways to bring it up to full PDC code. Am getting lots more characterisation of Zack, and better conflict and interaction between him and Teresa... building on the stuff in the story that's already pretty okay.

In other news, I think all the papers and magazines etc from the side of my bed have finally dried out, but I think I'll sort them out a bit more tomorrow when I do a partial Sort Out Sunday... can't do a full one, as I want to push on with this editing, and get the thing off my desk and on to my agent's!

Telly: Master and Commander [mmm.... Russell Crowe]
Chocolate: cake and scone actually
Mood: okay
Writing: editing Buds
Reading: Radio Times
RSI/FMS: not bad...


Nicolette said...

Aww, Tilly is so sweet! Glad to hear the characterisation is really coming through.

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Happy St Paddy's Day Wendy!

val said...

Does the space exist that a cat WON'T try to fit into?

Saskia Walker said...

LOl great photo!! Glad to hear the writing is going well.

Ansley Vaughan said...

Gosh, I'm glad you explained that, Wendy. I really thought you were the first person in Yorkshire to have an electric cat!

(Electic dogs have been very popular in the metropolis for some time now. I have two. It's great when the batteries go flat and they start barking v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y!)