Tuesday, 6 March 2007

insult to injury

And it's not just that I feel poorly... Domestic malfunctions at Chez Portia are adding to the aggravation too... On Sunday afternoon, both the central heating and the water heater decided to pack up! So, no heat, no hot water... This is really the best time to have to cavort around the house with heavy pans of hot water, having a big crick in my neck... yeah!

Fortunately, himself is on the case, and should be able to fix the above mentioned appliances once he's sourced the parts. Hopefully he'll get some of the bits today, and get hot water back on tap within the next 24 hours. It's very, very useful having a chap around who knows how to mend more or less everything!

Sorry to seem such a downer... it's really quite funny in a grim sort of way that everything seems to go wrong at once. I suppose I could cite all this crap as my excuse for not writing, but it isn't really... I'm just in a state of writer's bleck at the moment. I can't focus my ideas, and even when I try to, those ideas are so bitty and stupid that I just give up on them. And everywhere I go, writers seem to be blossoming with ideas and they all sound like great ones... and here I am futzing around with scraps of horse plop that make no sense, or have been done a zillion times before and a gazillion times better by other authors.

Telly: UK History
Chocolate: Nestle Heaven
Mood: peed off
Writing: nil
Reading: the labels on medicines
RSI/FMS: back neck


val said...

Hey, Wendy - you know lots of schools have writers-in-residence for a while? Couldn't you do that?

OK, now at least the ridiculousness of that thought should give you a bit of a laugh on a miserable day. Teaching kids to write erotic novels - sure the parents wouldn't mind...

Unknown said...

Yup, everything always has to go wrong at the same time. Hope himself can get it fixed quickly.
Hugs on the writing. I'm at that stage ... not a single worthwhile idea...

Anonymous said...

Re Val's comment:

I'm sure some of the kids will probably know a lot of it already!

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh dear, Wendy! It is sod's law that it all goes pear shaped at the same time.

Re writer's bleck - huuurgh yes, me too.

But it is a lovely sunny day here! The daffs are out! Chin up!