Thursday, 22 February 2007

I've survived... and a bit of good news!

Well, I survived my trip to the dentist... apart from a bit of flutteriness due to the fact that my dentist, Nilesh, is so dreamy! :)

No treatment required, just the usual look-see and a bit of a polish here and there. I managed to drag the consultation out a bit by asking a bunch of questions, but eventually, sadly, I had to give him up to the next patient...

The other good news is that my short story Watching The Detective has been accepted for Black Lace's forthcoming Wicked Words: Paranormal Stories and Fantasies collection. This is a fun piece... about a television set that becomes possessed by some sort of demon or paranormal force during the course of a cop show... Clearly, I can't specify a particular show, for legal reasons... but I'll leave it up to my like-minded buddies out there to choose the show they like... cough... LOCI... cough...

Telly: UK History
Chocolate: Green and Blacks
Mood: good
Writing: not yet
Reading: magazines
RSI/FMS: rather achey


Nikki Magennis said...

More congratulations Wendy! I just remembered what the possessed TV reminds me of - did you ever see Will o the Wisp? Kenneth Williams was the blue ghost?

And Evil Edna was the TV set!

Look forward to the anthology.

val said...

Your comments about your dentist made me wonder - would it be better to have a handsome gynaecologist or an ugly one? Anyone with personal experience?

Michelle Pillow said...

Your blog is so pretty :)

Congrats on selling the antho story, Wendy, sounds great!!!

So, do we get a dentist book out of you in the future. LOL

Portia Da Costa said...

Yes, I remember Will O' the Wisp! Strangely, the story involves a blue grey room... but I'm not sure whether it's a demon or a ghost that inhabits it...

Handsome gynaecologist? Mm... Probably safest to have a plug ugly one, I think... LOL

My dentist is certainly handsome enough to inspire a book hero... but would readers go for a dentist hero? Must admit I'm tempted...