Sunday, 21 January 2007

achievement Sunday

Well, it's only 1.30pm and I've achieved quite a bit! Himself is muttering about 'doing things around the house' so I thought I'd better get my own tasks done first before I got roped in... So I've not only done my 30 mins static cycling, to music, I've also managed to get 1K words of Buddies done! A veritable miracle, no less, given how slowly this monster has been going of late. It was a pretty weird scene, in a maze, with Zack alone, musing on stuff... It's probably too slow, too introspective and too much of a back story blitz, but hey, it's words, innit? And any writing is better than no writing... I've also been jotting some notes for 'how it goes'... It's all a bit jumbled, and it seems that there's probably going to be far too much stuff to shoehorn into a short 25K novella... but again, hey, better to have too much and trim and refine it, rather than being woefully undercount and having to pad. I'll probably end up turning to my sweet, longsuffering CP for suggestions of where to winnow out a few words and paragraphs and bigger chunks here and there...

I have got quite a few jobs I'd like to get on with this afternoon, but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance... I don't mind though, because at least I've got the important stuff nailed and I can now not worry about getting railroaded into other activities!
Telly: 'Allo 'Allo
Chocolate: Tesco Light Choc Mousse
Mood: quite pleased
Writing: 1K Buddies Don't Bite
Reading: Radio Times
RSI: not much really

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