Sunday, 10 December 2006

panic attack

Woke up feeling moderately okay this morning [apart from the fact that our part time cat Tilly woke me up about 5am, dancing on my head, trying to get me to get up and feed him!] but mid morning, I had a sort of panic attack...

Too much going on, that's it, and my pathetic multi tasking skills just aren't up to the job. I just freaked out and had to just lie down and watch the telly... my brain just wouldn't work. Tuned into UK History, and just vegged out to it, levering myself up now and again to swig a bit of tea...

Feel better now, mainly due to the therapy of doing a little bit of work on IllMet... It's not the greatest writing in the world, but I found myself sort of 'interested' in it during the read back, despite its many glaring flaws. Even though it's only a few weeks since I finished the first draft, I'd almost completely forgotten what happened in it, so it's quite exciting to see how the story goes!

Telly: The Life of Birds
Chocolate: cake instead
Mood: weird, sort of panicky and troubled
Writing: editing IllMet
Reading: not at the moment
RSI: not too bad


val said...

Isn't it an awful feeling that you have too much to do and it will never get done? Excuse me, must just pop off and write some Christmas cards.

Saskia Walker said...

The weekend weather was awful too, it does get to us. Take it easy and cross the little things off your list first! Hugs!

Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks for the reassurance, guys! I have abandoned the *big* to do list, in favour a list just for today, of a few items that are probably achievable if I don't get distracted by 'other things'... Saskia knows which ones! ;)

However, Val, should VDO arrive on the doorstep, demanding immediate hot sex, I will be more than happy to abandon *all* my lists! LOL

Nikki Magennis said...

Absolutely agree with Saskia. Take it easy! Tis the season to do **** all, in my opinion ; )