Sunday, 17 December 2006

Lust Bites Christmas Party

The Lust Bites Christmas Party
Via Fossa, Canal Street, Manchester
Saturday 16th December 2006


Nikki Magennis said...

i want to comment but all I'm coming up with is swear words...Gosh darn it! I wish I'd managed to somehow shrink the M6 or un-sleep in or un-lose telephone!

Next year, for sure. Next year I'm there already!

Saskia Walker said...

Oh, you look like you had such fun! Good for you, girls!

Portia Da Costa said...

It was a blast! Really!

Mathilde suggests an erotica authors Summer School... you ladies up for it? :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Oooooh can we have a conference? In a hotel???? With slave boys bringing us canapes?? That stretches over at least a weekend, so there's no chance I won't in my eternal dippiness miss the damn thing?

Sabrina Luna said...

Awww --sweet! Bet you ladies had a blast! Happy holidays, Wendy! BTW, got the Domino trilogy today. Thx for the recommendation --looking forward to reading them soon! ;)

Saskia Walker said...

Now if you'd said erotica authors summer holiday... ;)

Portia Da Costa said...

Or summer *rampage*, Saskia!!!! LOL

Hope you enjoy the Domino books, Sabrina! I think they're superb...

Next time, Nikki, we will phone you up and nag you, to make sure you set off early!

Cassandra said...

Looks like ya'll had some fun! I love getting together with my writing pals and chatting offline.

3-D life is ever so much better. LOL

But what really has me stoked is you put a slide show on your blog! OMG! How did you do that?

I am in awe and not worthy! (Even though I asked how...) ;)