Saturday, 30 December 2006


Well, I think I'm beginning to get a handle on that paranormal story of mine... but even though I might end up with something I quite like, I still don't feel all that optimistic that the editor will like it. It might end up being one for a future self published shorts collection or something... It's been very weird to get the tone for this thing. It's more a slightly fun story, and not linked to any established mythos... just something inexplicable that may or may not be a trick of the imagination. Don't know whether this can be classed as paranormal or not, hence some of my doubts about it. If I get it right though... it'll be one for the delectation of my Vincent friends... I think the title alone gives sufficient hint of that... ie. the thing's called Watching The Detective!

Have been watching stuff to do with ballet in the last few days, as background research for TechnoGothic, which has an ex dancer as a heroine. Some behind the scenes stuff has been particularly useful, and now I'm watching a performance of the great romantic ballet Giselle. Masses of elements of gothic tragedy in this story... and the juxtaposition of love and death is always powerful, but the plotline really does irritate me in a lot of ways because Prince Albrecht, the supposed hero, is such a jerk! And Giselle herself is a nitwit for falling for such a selfish user. Down to earth Hillarion is the guy who really loves her, and what does he get? Bumped off by the magic dancing fairies when he should actually be *rewarded* for his love and devotion! While soppy, self centered Albrecht gets away with it... He's supposed to be eternally sorrowful, but I bet you anything when the curtain goes down he v. quickly gets over it and is back to chasing innocent peasant babes in a different village to get his end away before very long...

Telly: Giselle
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Mood: okay
Writing: Watching The Detective 1.4K words so far
Reading: Radio Times
RSI: not bad, have deduced that my current twinges are due to cracking walnuts!!!


Anna Black said...

I was wondering if you've ever seen Vincent in the movie The Whole Wide World where he plays the author of the Conan books, Robert E. Howard. If you haven't, I'd advised seeing it. It's very good and Rene Zellweger is in also.

Portia Da Costa said...

Yes, I have TWWW! A wonderful film, and very poignant... with a gorgeously romantic screen kiss! I always cry at the bit where she imagines him walking away up a hill at the end and he fades out of view. Sigh...

val said...

I never heard the Giselle story told quite like that before!

Can't wait to Watch The Dectective, Wendy.

Portia Da Costa said...

Hope you'll enjoy it, Val... actually it's proving difficult to write at the moment. Not his fault though, just mine.