Monday, 6 November 2006

Five Interesting Things About Me...

Naughty Jax tagged me... Now, I don't normally participate in things like this, but decided to do a quickie.

  1. I have six toes on my left foot
  2. I am distantly related to the Romanovs
  3. I speak the language of cats
  4. I had a paper on String Theory published under an assumed name
  5. I was temporarily swapped at birth with another baby and lived with a different family for three months
Please remember that I'm a pathological liar with a vivid imagination and I earn my living by making things up... LOL

ps. I won't tag anyone specifically, but if you feel like doing this for a laff, please consider yourself tagged.


Anonymous said...

1) I am Portia Da Costa... who is this Wendy woman
2) I am 5ft 10in
3) I am 36-24-36
4) As well as being a successful writer I am a supermodel
5) Vincent D'Onofrio is my lover

who am I? LOL

Val said...

I love it, Wendy. But spill the beans - is at least one of them true?

Anonymous said...

1. My first teaching job age 23 I taught Vincent D'Onofrio as a senior.
2. I bore his love child.
3. We still make mad passionate love whenever he's in town.
4. I measured his intimate bits and NO I will not tell you how beg he is.
5. I once waxed his lovely legs

I swear this is all true.
Princess Alexandra of Andorra.

Anonymous said...

val: you are sooooooooo obviously the 2nd anonymous... but who's the first one... well it's moi, but who am I?

Oh Wendy, what have you started?