Friday, 10 November 2006

eek, agh!

I might be a bit quiet here over the next two or three days... I just looked at my to do list and it's the stuff of nightmares!!!

Why the hell does everything land in my inbox at once? And always when I finally manage to connect with my WIP again?

I'll try and drop in between bouts of tearing my hair and bouncing off the walls!


Saskia Walker said...

I hope it looks better when you cross a few things off. Little ones first, always helps ;)

ann said...

chop chop then... LOL

lists... don't believe in them... your're right... eeeeek

lotsa luv ann xxxx

val said...

A colleague once told me his filing system was the bin. If anything was important enough the person would get back to him.

I still wonder how he'd know they'd got back if he just binned it. And I've learned that they still get back to you even if it isn't important!