Saturday, 14 October 2006

why does this not surprise me?

Your Wrath Quotient: 83%

You have the makings of a very evil dictator.
If you don't want to go that route, you should consider anger management!


Val said...

I am always in a state of indignation. Just today I emailed an estate agent telling him what I thought of his lackeys leaving his brochures sticking out of my letterbox, advertising not his services but my absence.

Go for it, girl!

Lorainne said...

I got the following result:
Revenge, anger, rage? They're hardly words in your vocabulary.
If someone wrongs you, you move on. You rather be indifferent than upset.
I do raise my voice sometimes but I am not really angry - I am just doing it to get a result. If someone is horrible to you it is better to be assertive than aggressive.