Wednesday, 18 October 2006

so chuffed!

Just discovered another five star review for Entertaining Mr Stone at

Thanks, Robin! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, and I appreciate you taking the time to say so. I've had so many dodgy reviews at the Amazons over the years that a positive one is always especially cherished and appreciated.


Just discovered another five star, at this time! It's from 'Erotica Reader from the North'... Mmm.... Mysterious, but clearly someone who totally gets EMS and thoroughly enjoyed it!

As I said above, many, many thanks for taking the time to say you enjoyed my book! I'm all of a glow now... :)


val said...

I didn't know you could review, or I would have given EMS a couple of dozen stars!

Wendy Wootton said...

Oh yes, lots of folk review on Amazon... there's a link on the book page somewhere. Trouble is, it's mostly the folk who *don't* like my books who review them as a rule. I've had some really rather unpleasant reviews in the past, but us authors have to suck it up because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has the right to express it...

However, please feel free to scatter me with stars on Bobby's behalf, if the spirit moves you! :)