Tuesday, 24 October 2006

for the sake of it...

Non-Working Monkey can't be doing with people who put photos of their pets all over the place... so here's a cute piccie of Mulder! :)



Damn you! Your cat is attractive! Mine is mentally deficient! And you know that I didn't mean YOU. I meant ... oh, you know.

I'm coming up with Monster next week. Don't fight it.


Wendy Wootton said...

Yeah, Mulder is pretty, but she's also rather a Gothic cat, a bit of a gargoyle.

She's minute, she has no tail, and she walks with a heavy limp... and she also has this strange warty thing on her chin, which is under vet supervision at the mo.

She's a bit like the miniature Hunchcat of West Yorkshire... and while she's not exactly stupid, like Monster, she is fairly bonkers. :)