Thursday, 5 October 2006

doin' it old school...

Am still paper editing Suite Seventeen and quite enjoying the process... I say 'quite' because there are moments when I can't believe I've written something so amateurish and clunky. The good news, though, is that quite a lot of the stuff is pretty smooth, and there are pages and pages and pages when I don't have to do a single thing to it. However there are some untidy bits, and I'm in one of them at the moment. The character of Annie is sort of wavering a bit, and I've to firm her up and bring her back on point. Although, maybe the wavering is right? She's going through big, big changes, revamping her entire attitude to life and sex, and of course, she's just fallen head over heels for the most exotic, perplexing and perverse man she's ever set eyes on ie. Valentino! Anyone would feel a bit all over the place at a time like that, eh?

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