Friday, 21 March 2014

The Accidental Call Girl - special price at Barnes and Noble Nook Book Store!

Do you have a Nook reader? Would you like to read my sexy, kinky billionaire meets feisty Bettie Page lookalike romance for a bargain price?

THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL is now available digitally for only $2.99 at the Nook store.

When Lizzie Aitchison meets John Smith in the Lawns Bar of the Waverley Grange Hotel she doesn't realise at first that he thinks she's "working". The chemistry between them is dynamite from the very first glance exchanged across the room, and she can't resist the allure of his fallen angel face and the way his lean body looks in a sharp business suit. Pretty soon, she's playing a dangerous game with him.

John Smith is a no nonsense guy who seems to be set on engaging an escort for sex rather than simply meeting a pretty girl to chat up in a bar, and if that's the only way she can get this gorgeous, irresistible man, Lizzie decides to act the part. Over just one drink, she becomes "Bettie", the high class call girl...

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