Tuesday, 19 June 2007

so busy.... so tired....

Heck, it's been a busy day! Working on reformatting an old MS for a possible new market, and plodding along a bit further with Gothic Heat... Rafe and Paula are caught in a classic [cliched] gothic rainstorm and both soaked to the skin and just a bit tetchy... But a dubious refuge is at hand in the form of spooky Sedgewick Priory. I'm still having a lot of doubts about the plot and characters in this yarn... Woke up at about five o'clock fretting about it, and that's not good.

So, in consequence, I'm a bit knackered, and seem to be developing a bit of a summer cough into the bargain. I just feel like lying down in a darkened room for about a fortnight, but the work must go on...

Anyway, as a spot of therapy, I've just been tinkering at my favourite timewasting hobby ie. making 'special' faux covers for my forthcoming titles.

I think this is a much better Buddies Don't Bite cover... better than my previous effort and better than the version of the real cover I've seen...

And here's one for my forthcoming title from Total-E-Bound!

Cool, aren't they? And many, many thanks to wonderful Eliza, who provides me with many many good things, not just her gorgeous screencaps!

Telly: Sharpe
Choc/Yummy: cupcakes/turkish delight
Mood: okay
Writing: Gothic Heat
Reading: Gothic Blue
RSI/FMS: sore hand due to banging it into something

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